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in a quick follow-up to my last post,
the equality riders have posted on their site about their ACU experience.

two brief excerpts:
It struck me when we first arrived in the room to eat dinner that the smallest of courtesies -- providing us with name tags -- indicated that they cared about who we were and wanted to get to know us as individuals.

Abilene Christian welcomed us with open arms and permitted us to have these discussions with students. We sat together at the table of brother- and sisterhood, acknowledging both our disagreements and our shared humanity. No other school has given us such a welcome, and for this we applaud the administration of ACU. We were told by individuals within the administration that conversations had taken place that day that could not have happened in the classroom. Students were given the safe space necessary to ask the hard questions and, in some cases, sit with a lack of answers. We stand in the tension and wait, believing that the willingness to approach tough issues and deal with ambiguity will lead us to a place of reconciliation in the end.

of course, it wasn't all puppies and hugs, as you can read in the full post,
but i am satisfied that the Abilene experience was, above all other disagreements and difficult conversations, loving.

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