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sandrock meets pascal

verbose melodramatic metanarrative

30 March 1979
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this is my new bio.

it's much better than my old one.

more authentic. more revealing.

anarchy, angel, ani difranco, babette's feast, bad words, bakhtin, battlestar galactica, be still, being, benjamin gate, bible, bill rankin, billy collins, bjork, blue like jazz, bruce sterling, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, carnivalesque, cats, chris taylor, christ, christianity, coffee, coffeehouses, community, constantine, counterculture, darkness, darryl tippens, denouement, derrida, desert fathers, dialogue, discipleship, dissent, don chaffer, donald miller, dostoevsky, ekklesia, elohim, emergent church, ennui, ferrets, firefly, foucault, frenchpress, gabriel marcel, garrison keillor, god, gonzo, grand central winter, hegemony, hellblazer, henri nouwen, homeless, homelessness, hookahs, hunter: the reckoning, intimacy, intuition, jesus, jesus radicals, joss whedon, jump little children, kenosis, killing the buddha, kris delmhorst, lee camp, lee stringer, li-young lee, liminality, literature, love, mary magdalene, meditation, mere discipleship, millenium, moby, muppets, music for elevators, nashville, new orleans, new york city, npr, oblio, pablo neruda, paganism, pandas with black hearts, pascal, pendulous, people-watching, pescetarians, pete & pete, poetry, polyphony, portishead, postmodernism, power structures, prairie home companion, proskuneo, revelation, robert heinlen, sabbath, sacramentalism, salon.com, san antonio, science fiction/fantasy, sensuality, serenity, shelley jackson, sifl & olly, silence, simone weil, six feet under, skin, spirituality, steve weathers, stillness, storytelling, sufjan stevens, switchfoot, tattoos, textedit, thai food, the posty, theophany, this american life, tofu, tolkien, tori amos, ubiquity, ultraviolet, unknowing, uplink, vegetarianism, vegetarians, voltaire, waffle house, waterdeep, william gibson, wine, wittgenstein, wolfsheim, words, writing, yahweh, yeti,